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Empower. Grow. Change.

Welcome to Stephany's Collections
Stephany's Collections

Welcome to Stephany's Collections

There is no problem you can not handle with God on your side!

Stephany's Collections

Stephany's Collections

Mission Statement

To grow and change the world by not letting our fears and insecurities block our blessings, but listening to God's voice to be the light in our life so that we can lead others to Christ on a day to day basis.


The creation of Stephany's Collections

Stephany had an idea of creating daily reminders of scriptures and words of daily encouragement. Sometimes you just need a gentle reminder of who God is in your life. Life can be challenging, but remember that God is with you. He will help you ease the pain. Stephany's Collections is a small business operated by a young, passionate, and independent woman.

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