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Meet our 


 Stephany Coleman

Stephany was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She believes in order to help others is to be authentic as God leads her. Stephany has a calling to empower and encourage youth, young adults, and females. She is a young adult who has her Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Stephany is an alumna Cum Laude graduate from Virginia Union University. Stephany has a passion for others to follow Christ and to become everything God has spoken to them before they were formed into their mother's womb.


In July 2018,  after completing undergraduate, Stephany published her first book, Still I Stand, where she shared her testimony. The birth of Stephany’s Collections started in December 2018.  Stephany’s Collections is a Christian store to remind individuals through inspiration and encouragement that God is still with them. Stephany has always had a love for God even at a young age. She has a desire to motivate others to grow in their connection with God. It is possible to still have fun being a Christian. Life is not boring with God.  Stephany has the heart to encourage youth and young adults to love God fearlessly. Through her passion, she wants to help youth to not be ashamed of their relationship with God. Stephany started writing poetry when she felt lead to write it down.  In January 2019, Stephany published over 30 poems for her second book, Poems From Jesus. Stephany’s Collections' goal is to create items to empower, grow, and change others to be whom God has predestined us to be.  

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