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  • Stephany Coleman

What do you do when you do not know the answer?

What do you do when you have been sad and have no idea what is going on with you?

Surrender to God! Do not be afraid to surrender to God. He is everything you need. It can be challenging to surrender to God. Trust me I know! We live in a world that is at a fast pace. The drive to be independent and self-made, but what is missing? Creating room for God to have control of your life is crucial. Often times we get so busy and consumed with what we have to do. “I have to do this. I have to do that.” What about handing everything to God instead of waiting until you have a breakdown? Call on God from the beginning.

 Saying Lord, I cannot do this by myself and I do not understand why I tried to do this by myself.  I trust and surrender all to you. My problems are small in your hands. Knowing and believing that you have our problems and to-do lists in the palm of your mighty hands.  That is all we need to depend on. Nothing but your words through scripture and what you spoke to us. By having the desire to trust in you and lead on you when times get tough. I surrender my will power to you. Amen, 

 It is okay to not have the answers. It is okay to be unsure of things.

You have to learn to have peace in knowing that it’s okay not to have a plan for every part of your life. We live in a society where we only see the success, but not the struggle towards success. Do not give up on yourself. If you have a dream(s) that you do not see yet keep dreaming.  Keep moving forward because God put those dreams in your heart for a reason. Keep dreaming and keep trusting God. It can be a struggle. You can get so blinded by what you lack and your flaws, but trust that with praying, hard work, and strength from God it can turn around for your good and God’s glory. Your weakness makes you relatable. Furthermore, your weakness makes you humble. The worst thing to do is to not be relatable to others after surrendering to God and receiving everything God has for you.  We must remain humble in spite of it all. In spite of what happens, we must remain humble. 

If you are wondering how I learned how to surrender to God.

Surrendering to God is to trust in God no matter what happens. Surrendering to God is the ability to have no limits on what God wants to do in your life. It is literally when you take your hands off of your situation and you allow God to move in your life. No more worrying and stressing about your situation, but handing it over to God to take care of it. When we do not surrender we are not allowing God to show us and believe in Him that He can provide all that we need. Surrendering is praying, meditating on the word, and believing what God said is going to happen in your life. God wants us to pray and spend time with him. Controlling our thoughts by not always strategizing how we are going to get through this or figure this situation out because when we do that we cannot enter into a place that we are not required and qualified to do. God is the one who wants us to hand everything to Him.

By controlling our thoughts and saying no I’m not going to think about that today or I’m not going to think in such a negative way. Is a way of giving up control.  I noticed when I gave God my to-do list and everything I was stressed out about my life became easier for me. I was able to sleep better. I was able to enjoy life without stressing. When was the last time you went one day without stressing about something? 

This is what helps me surrender to God: 

-pray in the morning and at night, and don’t forget to pray throughout the day

-meditate on the Word (Bible)

-control your thoughts 

-take some time for yourself (practice self-care)

God Bless,

Stephany Coleman

Founder & Owner of Stephany's Collections