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  • Stephany Coleman

The behind the scene - this is only the beginning!

The title of my first blog is “ the behind the scene- this is only the beginning” because I wanted to create a journal of my feelings throughout this process. One thing to know about me is I love to write.  Just give me a laptop and I will start typing. I like the freedom that writing gives me. I am able to go back and see how much I have grown over time. I also like writing when it’s my topic that I desire to write about. It allows me to be myself and not hold back. I hope you enjoy my first blog!

I can do it!

God is with me. I say goodbye to my fears and doubts. I am aware that sometimes they might reappear, but God reminds me that I said goodbye to my fears. I said goodbye to my comfort level. I am stepping out in my life in areas that I could only dream of as I am strengthening myself to all of the possibilities that I can have. God is with me. I don’t stress because I said goodbye to my fears. I am learning that I won’t let my fears have control over me.  God took my fears, pulled them up, and threw them away. I have peace now. I have hope! I have joy! Stephany’s Collections has always been a dream of mine. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. God said to do it now! I was quite surprised because the timing couldn’t be worse. I know I am not settling in life. I thought when I started my business I would have life figured out. Also that I would know how to balance life. I’m learning that no matter when God said to do it, it was going to be a terrible time in my eyes. The reason why I know that is because God doesn’t look at the time. Since God told me to do this I must remain focused. Focus on what will happen. Focus on what I can’t see, but what I am going to see one day. God is awesome. He turned my life around.

This was only a dream that I kept to myself. I never thought it would happen so soon, but when God has a plan in your life for something greater than yourself, greater than what you can comprehend you must obey. The stakes are too high to give up. I learned that it's not about me anymore.  I have to put Stephany aside. I must put flesh aside and become who God wants me to be. You never know who is watching or who you are having an influence on. I learned I must listen even when its hard. Even when I want to give up. Even when people walk away or even when I have to cut people off. It’s all a part of the plan. I had to say no to flesh, no to Steph, so I can walk into my purpose so others can get blessed. 9/24/18


Stephany Coleman

Founder & Owner of Stephany's Collections